Emergency Alert & Response System a State of the art Mobile applications with Web based System from URI Technologies helps to deliver quick response during emergency apart from helping the emergency team to plan resources effectively by using smart analytics and notify different stakeholders as and when needed. This can be used by large facilities to cities to Disaster Management Authorities and can be integrated with sensor based ( Wired / Wireless ) various early warning systems.

The Objective of Emergency Alert & Response System

  • To create an Alert & Response Mechanism to help people in distress
  • To avoid confusion during Emergency
  • To provide coordinated and collaborated effort by relevant stakeholders  for Emergency handling
  • To provide immediate emergency services just on click of a button on emergency situations like :-
    •         Accidental situation
    •         Crime situation
    •         Disasters
    •         Being stalked while walking
    •         Being followed by a strange Vehicle
    •         Attempted assault in a deserted area
    •         Being Robbed
    •         Security breach 
    •         Illegal gathering
    •         Fire breakouts
    •         Hazardous material spillage 
    •         Terror Attacks
    •         Stampedes
    •         Sudden Illness 
  • To provide mass notifications during emergency or evacuation or send safety tips prior to emergency situations such as natural disasters to guide people how to deal with such situations
  • To help friends and Relatives on emergency situations by viewing the current location on Map
  • To provide Emergency contact numbers of nearby Hospital, Police Station, Medicine shops and Doctors
  • To help emergency service providers to analyse situations to plan resources efficiently for providing best possible response 

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