Smart City System (SCS)

Smart City Solutions from URIT:

  • Integrated City Asset Management
  • Water Supply Management
  • Strom Water Management
  • Sewerage Disposal Management
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Project Management
  • Vehicle Towing with Lot & Dispatch Management
  • E-Challan Management
  • Emergency Alert & Response Management
  • Pothole Management
  • Power Outage Management

Integrated City Asset Management

Integrated City Asset Management System�is a web-based solution supported by smart mobile device applications that provides unique capabilities for all Stakeholders (Internal as well as External like Auditors) to effectively manage Organizational assets life cycle . Its structure allows it to operate as a standalone solution or real time integration with ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle.

Water Supply Management

This System consists of Smart Meters, SCADA, Smart Sensors, Mobile Devices with Smart Apps and Central Server connected using WAN. Smart Sensors in water supply pipes identify leakage or blockage in water pipes generating work requests. Maintenance work requests thus generated are automatically sent to the Integrated Asset Management System to process and complete the requested maintenance work.

Storm Water Management

Storm Water Management System is to reduce the impact of storm water on public life through water level detection and alerts public and central control system for immediate action. Smart sensors in various city location indicates surface water run off level and Smart detectors at strategic locations in water bodies such as rivers, canals or streams detects excess water flow in to City and alerts people and central system for necessary action in order to avoid property loss due to excessive water flow. The system also gives warnings, advisories and information to other integrated systems for various actions such as evacuation, power disruption to avoid electrocution, and traffic congestion avoidance. This system can also be integrated with pumps with smart devices for automated control in case of water floodings.

Sewerage Disposal Management

Sewerage Disposal Management System using Smart Sensors is to detect Leakage and blockage along the sewer lines and alert the relevant stakeholders and central control room for necessary actions.

Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management System automates the process , starting from waste collection from city dustbins up to disposal of the harmful waste materials at appropriate place i.e. far distance from local public place. Smart Sensors deployed in Waste bins indicates waste fill level of bins and alerts to central control system to track its location and Waste collection vehicles gets automatically alerted to collect waste from the particular bin location. City Administrator provided with facilities to track waste collection vehicle�s current location, their stoppage time and total distance covered by a vehicle per day on map. Also track number of dumps made by vehicle per day and sanitary staff attendance as well.

Vehicle Towing with Lot and Dispatch Management

Vehicle Towing with Lot and Dispatch Management System is a comprehensive approach to manage all aspects of towing operations that meets the need of citizens, law enforcement personnel, towing companies, and officials. It allows concerned Organizations those involved with towed vehicle operations to quickly enter, retrieve, and review information necessary to process a towed vehicle, arrange for its movement to a storage lot and notify vehicle owner or lien holder to collect vehicle from storage lot.


E-Challan System is a smart solution with web portal and mobile apps for Police to generate e-challan on real time basis in case of traffic and parking violations. Police personnel equipped with mobile devices and printers can issue e-challan and can collect fines. Issued challans can be paid by violators by various modes like using mobile apps, web portal and cash counters.

Emergency Alert & Response Management

Emergency Alert and Response Management System handles Alert and Response mechanism in efficient manner to help people in distress. It provides public the ability to get immediate emergency service by sending emergency alert (by using mobile device/ internet/ telephone) to predefined Receivers (Emergency Response Team/ Mobile Team/ Friends & Relatives) along with relevant stake holders and Central Control Room for immediate action. It also provides safety advisory or messages regarding any incident or event or situation or disaster.

Pothole Management

Pothole Management System detects and reports the surface conditions of roads to city administration. Pothole can be detected through sensing devices installed in specified vehicles and reported to the central system to generate necessary work request for repairing the potholes in a proactive manner. It also provides advisory for public to avoid potholes thereby to reduce accidents and enhance fuel efficiency of vehicles.

Power Outage Management

Power Outage Management System enables electric utility employees to discover, locate and resolve power outages in a more informed, orderly, efficient and timely manner. It also helps customer to know about the outage situation and restoration status on real time basis and helps utility employees to more quickly and accurately locate and diagnose the cause of outages. This system alerts relevant stakeholders and central control room on power supply failure to initiate necessary maintenance request to resolve the issue immediately.

Project Management

Project Management System takes care of the cluster of tasks & sequence of activities of projects. The role based system allows relevant stakeholders to plan and create activities & tasks under projects, assign them to relevant persons for execution and keep track of the progress. The system also provides timely insight to project team on planning and progress using available PERT chart and smart analytics.

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